Fair and Petting Zoo Safety

A resource for fair and petty zoo legal cases and outbreak prevention

2014 E. coli O157 and Zerebko Zoo Tran Traveling Petting Zoo, Minnesota

In July, an outbreak of E. coli O157 infections associated with animal contact at a petting zoo that had traveled to three county fairs and one community festival occurred. Fifteen cases (14 culture-con rmed) were identi ed, and 2 cases developed HUS. E. coli O157 with the same PFGE subtype as the human isolates was identi ed in samples collected from a goat, alpaca pen, and an animal trailer

2014 Outbreak of Shiga Toxin E. coli (STEC) at State Fairgrounds, Oklahoma
2015 E. coli O157 Outbreak at Milk Makers Fest, Washington

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