Fair and Petting Zoo Safety

A resource for fair and petty zoo legal cases and outbreak prevention

Prevention for visitors to petting zoos and agricultural fairs


Wash hands

Before eating or drinking or preparing foodAfter petting or being around animals or their pensSupervise children's hand washing

Hand sanitizers are not a as effective as hand washing and shouldn't be used as a substitute for hand washing!

Wash Clothing after visiting animals

Keep young children’s toys, pacifiers, and blankets outside of animal interaction areas.


Eat or drink in animal areas.

Bring pacifier, strollers, toys or spill-proof bottles into animal areas.

Podcasts and Videos

I Love Petting Zoos!

This Kidtastics podcast from CDC helps children learn about how to stay safe and healthy when visiting petting zoos and other animal exhibits.

Wash Your Hands

This video shows kids how to properly wash their hands, one of the most important steps we can take to avoid getting sick and spreading germs to others.

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